What is Amleh?

Amleh enables you to own Gold and easily transfer fractional amounts of it in the most secure manner by utilising the latest innovative technological advancements.

Amleh is a digital, blockchain based asset, that is backed by real Gold. Blockchain technology has not only provided a use case for the instant transfer of value across international borders, but it has also provided the world with capability to store on an immutable ledger, the acquisition and transfer of any security. 

Transactions can be practically instant. Amleh utilises the latest in blockchain, and the latest technological solutions from Elas Digital, in order to create a system that holds all involved parties to account. 

AMLEH is founded by Bill Hotait and Eli Afram, utilizing blockchain and development expertise of ELAS to design the wallet infrastructure, and eco-system of applications to support the the project. With this partnership, we will work and aim to deliver an exciting opportunity that takes advantage of one of the best traits of blockchain technology.